Watch Kelley explain some key concepts about Estate Plan, Copyright and Trademark Law.

What happens when you combine a love of the law, a love for writing, and a love for that “Aha!” moment when someone understands a tricky legal concept? You get attorney Kelley Way, who applies all of these to her law practice. Whether it’s estate planning, copyright, or trademark law, Kelley loves explaining legal concepts to non-lawyers in a way they can understand.

Like most attorneys, Kelley often hears the same questions come up with different clients, and she explains certain concepts all the time. In these videos, she goes over what you need to know about copyright, trademark, and estate planning in a straightforward way. These videos are meant to educate and answer many frequently asked questions. Is there a topic you’d like more information about? Let Kelley Way know by clicking here.

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Copyright Law

What is copyright?

Many of the copyright questions Kelley gets center around what copyright does, what the person can do with their copyright, or what it means to have a copyright. This video explains what a copyright is, what it protects, and what rights a person has under copyright law.

Attorney Kelley Way answers the question: What is Copyright?

Estate Planning

What is an Estate Plan?

Many people are confused when they mention a need for a will or trust and are referred to an estate planning attorney. What’s the connection? What does “estate planning” mean anyway?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Your “estate” is everything you own – your money, bank accounts, investments, house, furniture, knickknacks, copyrights…if it’s in your name, then it’s a part of your estate. An “estate plan” is a plan for what happens to your estate when you are no longer in a position to manage it anymore. While a will and trust are part of an estate plan, the term is broader than that, and covers other documents that will also be useful in various circumstances.

Attorney Kelley Way answers the question: What is an Estate Plan?

Per Stirpes

Have you ever wondered what the term “per stirpes” means? Believe it or not, it has no relation to a disease with a similar pronunciation. It’s actually a way to make sure that, if a beneficiary dies, their children will inherit their share. But there are a few different ways to split an inheritance among grandchildren; per stirpes is only one of them. This video will go through each of the three methods, explain the differences, and help you gain enough understanding to decide which method is right for you.

Attorney Kelley Way talks about the different Estate Division Methods

What’s an Agent vs. Executor vs Trustee?

What’s an Agent vs. Executor vs. Trustee?

During an estate planning meeting, you might hear a lot of new terms and that can be confusing. In this video, attorney Kelley A Way explains the difference between an agent, an executor, and a trustee. Learn what these words mean and how they differ from each other so that you can get the most out of your next estate planning appointment.

Learn about the terms you’ll hear during your estate planning meeting