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Meet Kelley Way

Born and raised in the East Bay, Kelley Way has always prioritized the importance of family and cherished the values and connections they represent in her life.   So, it made sense when she became an attorney, to choose a specialty that ensured families were protected by facilitating the creation of  custom Estate Planning. But Kelley also has a passion for writing and music. And she realized many creatives had a gap in their estate plan, leaving them vulnerable if one didn’t know how to navigate their special needs. Kelley then decided to combine the specialties of Estate Planning, Copyright and Trademark law into a unique practice that helps artists protect their legacies. 


Estate Planning

If you want to create or update a will and trust, working with an attorney can make the process much easier and less stressful. Kelley works with clients to ensure they have a tailored estate plan that meets their specific needs.


If you have a creative work (e.g. a book, song, movie, artwork, etc.), working with an attorney can help you make and keep your work profitable. Kelley helps her clients to understand their rights under copyright law, and get the best deal possible when marketing or licensing their work.


If you have a business, it is important to protect your branding, so others don’t try to profit from your reputation. Kelley helps her clients to find the right brand, and to register it so it receives the strongest protection possible.

Experience You Can Trust

Kelley has nearly ten years of experience in the field of estate planning, and thirteen in copyrights and trademarks. Her favorite clients are creators looking to incorporate their copyrights into their wills and trusts.






Intellectual Property


Estate Planning for Authors and Musicians





What Our Clients Are Saying

Kelley was so helpful in reviewing my publishing contract. She responded quickly to my request, was thorough in her assessment and recommendations, and efficient. It ended up being very affordable and well worth it to have legal advice with this big step of becoming a published author. Thank you, Kelley!


I highly recommend Kelley Way for estate planning! I have talked to at least 6 other attorneys prior to meeting with Kelley and I am so glad that I chose her to do my estate plan. Kelley is very professional, friendly, organized, responsive and easy to work with. I had a lot of questions and concerns, but she addressed all of them timely and put my mind at ease. She provided great recommendations on some items, walked me through the process and explained the plan in more simple terms, which makes working with her so easy. She also provided timely revisions of my trust. The quality of her service is top notch, and her fees are very reasonable. Lastly, I enjoy reading her blogs and newsletters because they are very informative! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs to get their estate planning done!


In a field where trust and professionalism are paramount, Ms. Way sets a gold standard. She not only provides comprehensive legal services but also makes her clients feel heard and valued. Her work is not just about documents and legalities; it’s about securing your future and protecting your assets.

If you’re in need of Estate Planning or Intellectual Property services, I wholeheartedly recommend the Law Office of Kelley A. Way. You’ll find a trusted partner who combines vast legal knowledge with a genuine care for her clients. Your legal matters will be in the best hands possible, and you’ll be grateful for the introduction.


We are so pleased to have had Kelley A. Way recommended to us for our estate planning. Kelley made the process smooth and much easier than we anticipated. She asked us all the right questions so that we thought of everything. We completed trust documents, our wills, advanced health care directives and durable power of attorney for each of us. The package included all of these documents for our estate plan at a very fair, affordable price. The documents were completed timely and accurately. Kelley is a brilliant attorney and a pleasure to work with, we are very grateful to have completed this task we had put off for too long. Thank you Kelley!


Kelley was the perfect partner to prepare my estate planning. I am the father of (2) special needs children, which required a special needs trust to go along with the typical Living Trust, Will, DPA and Advanced Health Care Directives. Kelley was very patient and flexible with my busy life/work schedule. She was a joy to work with and answered every question during the process with clarity. Which in my case were plentiful. The fees were very reasonable and Her experience shined through during the entire process. The final Special Needs Living Trust was organized and nicely placed into a three-ring binder, and she even gave me a e-copy on a flash drive. Which is another testament to Her first-class customer service. I have, and will continue to recommend Kelley Way to family, friends and acquaintances.